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Walking in a Galena Wonderland

When temperatures take a deep dive below freezing, it’s hard to imagine escaping the warm glow of your fireplace and cozy flannels for any outdoor activity. Geoffrey on the other hand, uses this part of the season and all it brings as an opportunity to embrace the beauty of winter. In the following blog, we’ve featured several winter scenes frozen in time by Geoffrey and his camera lens. His ability to capture a moment that in person may feel cold and dormant, and transcend it into an image representing hidden magic in nature is truly a gift and one he loves to share with all who appreciate the work. 

As you read about these locations and scenes, we hope you will take time to visit them along with a new appreciation for the snow covered hills of our #GalenaCountry

  • The Whispering Waters of the Galena Territory Waterfall are truly calming regardless of the season. How lucky are we to have such a serene waterfall in our “backyard” to enjoy? At all times of year you can find cars parked near here and people walking the pathway near the waterfall, absorbing the natural beauty and even a little inspiration.

  • The Galena Pedestrian Bridge and Railroad Tracks could be a scene straight out of Polar Express. This photo offers perspective into what is held between the branches and what lies around the bend of the Galena River. It is scenery like this one which makes people, and us, fall in love all over again with our Hallmark-like town.

  • All around us the Weight of Winter has been blanketing the branches of our trees. Geoffrey used this as an opportunity to portray that there is beauty and serenity even in moments that may look or seem heavy in our lives. 

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